26 Jul 2018

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As we continue our working relationship with the State of Maryland, we like to keep you up to date with the exciting news and events happening over on the east coast.

As we continue our working relationship with the State of Maryland, we like to keep you up to date with the exciting news and events happening over on the east coast.

A cyber-focused media company located in Fulton is looking to raise up to $1.8 million as it aims to grow its staff and product lines.

The CyberWire is raising money to support growth. According to documents recently filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the firm has raised nearly $900,000 toward its total goal from five investors. Participants in the round thus far include neighboring cyber startup studio DataTribe and Maryland Technology Development Corp.

Spun out of Baltimore's CyberPoint International in 2016, CyberWire has been publishing media content focused on the global cybersecurity industry since 2012. The company serves an audience of thousands in just about every country, delivering cyber news in various formats, including daily newsletters and podcasts.

"We help people sort out what’s important in the cybersecurity space," said CEO and executive editor Peter Kilpe. "People want to know what’s happening now, what might threaten their business, what they or their employees need to know. And that's what we deliver."

Kilpe said demand for CyberWire's services has been growing quickly over the past few years, and the company must expand to keep up. He declined to share specific growth or revenue numbers. The company has seven employees, and Kilpe said he will probably add another five over the coming year, across sales, marketing, editorial and production positions.

CyberWire is also planning to pilot new products, including new podcast concepts, which the new funding will also support. The company also builds and sells its own proprietary publishing tools, such as for media content management and advertising.

Kilpe said Maryland is an ideal market in which to grow his cyber-focused media business. The company has access to expert cyber engineering sources from local big-name industry players, as well as from federal intelligence groups. Maryland is home to more than 12,000 IT and cybersecurity companies, as well as organizations like the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command.

"In cyber, it's so important to stay in tune and up to date with what’s going on, and being in this location has been invaluable to our own growth," he said. "I don’t know if we would’ve been as successful as we are without being where we are. The talent and networks here are really unparalleled."


Tech Accelerator BetaDen, Search for Cohort 3.0

Worcestershire’s first-of-its kind technology accelerator is now searching for their third cohort. Applications can be found on the BetaDen website and close on the 17th February 2020.

Midlands Cyber trumpets special relationship with Maryland

A select group of leading cyber businesses and organisations from the Midlands and Maryland USA met yesterday evening (5 June) to build on cyber trade and investment opportunities in their respective...

Midlands Cyber Hosts Israeli Delegation in Worcestershire

A delegation of over 10 representatives from cyber technology businesses from Israel visited Worcestershire as part of an inward investment mission.

Being part of Midlands Cyber has given us valuable connections within the Cyber community both in the UK and US, giving us valuable knowledge and connections to applications that we have utilised within our range of software products and services to our clients. It has also given us a platform to promote our business to the global stage.

Jennifer Long IceBlue

“Midlands Cyber is an ideal platform to collaborate with like-minded industry peers, share knowledge and raise awareness of our expertise within a network of regional businesses.”


“Our location in the Midlands gives us reach to most of the UK in 2-3 hours by road/rail. This has allowed our business to remain and expand in one location, without having to establish satellite offices. The location also gives us easy access to Birmingham and Heathrow airports, which allows us to travel internationally to many global destinations.”


“The Midlands is an important region for the majority of our target customer verticals that are relevant for us including Connected & Automated Vehicles, connected transport, Industry 4.0”   


“Midlands Cyber has provided support to Data Solver as a start-up company; increasing our visibility and helping us to promote the solutions we offer. With the backing of Midlands Cyber, we will have the opportunity to network with other local exhibitors, whilst also making contact with potential new customers and partners visiting the team within the Midlands Cyber Engine Pavilion.” 

Data Solver

“Being part of Midlands Cyber is extremely advantageous. As a region the Midlands is ideally placed to become the main centre of excellence for UK businesses and Academia within the Cyber space.”