The Pall Mall Process: Tackling Cyber Intrusion Threats

20 Feb 2024

The Pall Mall Process aims to address the proliferation and misuse of cyber intrusion capabilities through international collaboration and policy exploration.

Signed In early February 2024, representatives from the United Kingdom and France convened a multi-stakeholder conference at Lancaster House in London. The focus of this conference was the proliferation and irresponsible use of commercial cyber intrusion capabilities, including spyware. Out of this meeting emerged the Pall Mall Process, a groundbreaking initiative designed to address this shared threat.

What Is the Pall Mall Process?

The Pall Mall Process is not just another policy document; it’s a dynamic and inclusive dialogue involving governments, private sector entities, civil society, and academia.

Here are the key points:

Shared Concerns: The Process acknowledges the global concern regarding cyber threats and their potential impact on security, stability, and accessibility in cyberspace.

Whole-of-Society Approach: Rather than relying solely on government actions, the Pall Mall Process emphasizes a whole-of-society approach. It recognizes that effective cybersecurity requires collaboration across sectors.

Policy Exploration: The initiative aims to explore policy options and new practices. By engaging diverse stakeholders, it seeks innovative solutions to mitigate cyber risks.

Declaration: The conference participants endorsed the Pall Mall Process declaration, committing to upholding a free, open, peaceful, stable, secure, resilient, and accessible cyberspace.


As we navigate the complexities of our interconnected digital world, the Pall Mall Process stands as a beacon of cooperation. Fostering dialogue and promoting responsible cyber behaviour contributes to a safer online environment for all. This is showcased by our international relationship with Nord France Invest in our academic cyber security partnership. We as the recognised regional cluster for the West Midlands must continue to foster connections globally to support our region's growth to ensure there is stronger resilience to the ever-growing cyber threat landscape.

You can also read the Pall Mall Process declaration.

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