Goldilock and Prizsm Technologies New Partnership in Cloud Storage Protection

16 Dec 2022

We are pleased to announce the ultimate partnership in cloud storage protection, with Prizsm and Goldilock.

There are countless benefits to using cloud storage. However, the reality is such that you risk exposing and losing everything that you’ve ever stored. Case in point, Dropbox, one of the leaders in Cloud Storage, recently suffered a data breach from a phishing attack, exposing customer and employee emails.

Regardless, businesses remain keen to adopt cloud storage due to the convenience of almost never worrying about running out of storage and if they do, more is a simple click away. Today’s reality, however, requires consideration beyond just convenience, principally in the area of cybersecurity. The recent DropBox hack and seemingly never-ending stories about Amazon S3 storage buckets going unsecured clearly demonstrate the need for more robust steps to secure cloud-stored data.

Enter the ultimate partnership in cloud storage protection, Prizsm and Goldilock.

Goldilock and Priszm first met at InfoSec 2022, where they shared the Midlands Cyber Stand - the leading West Midlands cyber cluster actively engaging in increasing security awareness. Goldilock’s mission to raise local awareness about cyber security resonates with and is amplified via the Midlands Cyber platform. Thus, no surprise Kenny Phipps, Goldilock Head of Sales Engineering and Ian Drury, CEO at Prizsm Technologies, a fellow Midlands Cyber member engaged in conversation, and it quickly became clear there were joint marketing opportunities that both companies could partner in.

Prizsm is a cloud storage solution that uses advanced technology to protect one’s data from being accessed by unauthorised parties. Unlike traditional encryption methods, Prizsm's algorithm is designed to be resistant to quantum computing, which means that your data will remain secure in the cloud even if current encryption methods are compromised.

Prizsm distributes your data across multiple cloud platforms, making it impossible for hackers or unauthorised users to access the information. This provides an extra layer of security for your data, ensuring that it remains safe and secure.

Partnering with Goldilock, Prizsm are aiming to provide the ultimate in Cyber defence by allowing their customers to remotely, instantly, and physically disconnect their storage from the internet when not needed, thereby securing data from any form of prying eyes until needed.

This is a key partnership for Goldilock as it means Prizsm customers can add an additional layer of physical security when consuming cloud storage.

Similarly, Goldilock customers who currently use cloud storage can adopt the Prizsm approach and have their data encrypted and stored behind Goldilock’s Drawbridge, providing the ultimate in cyber defence via Dynamic Physical Network Segregation.

This partnership ensures that any data stored across the cloud remains fragmented and encrypted, only becoming useable when compiled and decrypted, which requires Goldilock permitting connection between the on-premise “controller” and given cloud service, an operation entirely separate (and offline) to that of Priszm controls.

Infosecurity 2022 has clearly been a great success for two Midlands Cyber members and a great example of how simple networking can lead to partnerships and cooperation between members.


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