Interview with Midlands Cyber Cluster Manager, Ryan Protheroe

12 Jul 2023

Here's our quick fire questions with Ryan to find out more about him and what makes him passionate about the Cyber Industry. 

We managed to sit down with Ryan Protheroe, Midlands Cyber Cluster Manager to ask him some questions to get an insight into his world of Cyber and what makes him so passionate about improving the industry in the West Midlands.

What's your favourite tech?

AI baffles me but creates my biggest interest currently. The innovations and acceleration of AI are amazing, but also causing areas of concern. We have some great creators in the space and a real drive to be the leaders of it in the UK, but we need to ensure regulations and assurance of AI is keeping up with the progression of it. I think it can provide vast improvements to our daily lives but in a format which is safe, secure and assured. It creates a great interest to see what is appearing every day and I look forward to the developments as they’re happening at an impressive rate.

Why did you apply for the Cluster Manager position?

I’ve always wanted to move into the Technology Sector, but I've just not had the opportunity to do so with a company I feel passionate about working with. When I saw the chance to work for Midlands Cyber, I jumped at the chance. I saw the work they do as Cyber Ecosystem and I wanted to make my mark in the industry.

What are you most looking forward to in your role?

The People! I’ve met some great people already with some amazing ideas and organisations and it’s only a drop in the ocean of the world of cyber. I look forward to seeing people and discovering what they do. Events, Webinars, Expos. It’s all great to network and build foundations with people in the cyber industry and I can’t wait to do so.

What do you think the biggest challenges are for businesses regarding cyber security?

While the cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving with new techniques and vulnerabilities happening every day. I believe the biggest issue that threatens businesses is their lack of understanding or training. Simply wanting to improve you or your organisation's knowledge or awareness is key. Being better informed and connected to the cyber industry will mean you’re continuously improving your awareness of those threats.

What opportunities do you feel cyber security present?

The biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity in the cyber security world. Those new techniques and the ever changing threat landscape is also our biggest strength. We have a constant drive to improve. This creates an environment in which cyber professionals are having continuous development of their skills and knowledge. We must ensure we’re preserving digital systems and data to safeguard individuals and organisations as it’s so hugely important to social and economic growth.

I just want to take the opportunity to create a side note and say that I look forward to being apart of the growth of the Cyber Industry and I want to encourage anyone who shares my values of growth and collaboration to reach out and discuss how we can work together to create a better connected ecosystem for cyber professionals. 


Do you have a question about the cyber cluster and how we can accelerate your business regionally and internationally? Please get in touch and one of the cluster advisors will respond as soon as possible.


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